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Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Mr. Yiorgos Lillikas
Appointed on 1st March 2003

He was born in Panagia, Pafos, on 1st June 1960. Married to Varvara Petropoulou. He has a son. Managing consultant in a private enterprise.

At the parliamentary elections on 26th May 1996 he was elected Member of the House of Representatives standing as an A.K.E.L. - Left - New Forces candidate in the Nicosia constituency and he was re-elected at the subsequent parliamentary elections on 27th May 2001.

He is chairman of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and a member of the committees on Financial and Budgetary Affairs and on Trade and Industry.

He is the leader of the delegation of the House to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (O.S.C.E.), vice-chairman of the Political Affairs and Security Committee and a member of the Extended Political Bureau and the mover of the O.S.C.E.'s Committee of the Mediterranean Countries Forum.

During his studies in France he was actively involved in the student unionism. He was a founding member and president for five years of the Progressive Research and Study

Team (P.O.E.M.) student association. He was also a member of the board of directors of the Lyon-Cyprus Student Association.

He was a member of the research group of the National Centre for Scientific Research "Centre de Politologie Historique" in Lyon (1985-1987).

He was special advisor to the former President of the Republic Mr. George Vassiliou (1988-1990).

He was General Secretary of the "New Generation" (1989-1992) and forwarded the introduction of the European Youth Card in Cyprus and the organisation of campaigns against drugs, smoking, AIDS etc.

In June 1991 he took part in the First European Conference for the Europe Confederation in Prague.

He was managing consultant in a public relations, marketing and advertising private enterprise (1993-2001).

Since 1987 he publishes articles and studies in science books and periodicals.

Diploma in Political Sciences, specialization in Information-Communication at the Institute of Political Sciences (I.E.P.) in the University of Lyon II, specialization on the Arab World at the I.E.P. and at the Middle East Research Centre, postgraduate pre-doctoral diploma (D.E.A.) in Political Sciences at the Institute of Political Sciences (I.E.P.) in Grenoble and doctorate at the Institute of Political Sciences (I.E.P.) in Lyon.

Source: (http://www.akel.org.cy/English/MP-bios/Nicosia/bioMP-GLillikas.html)

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